10 Bass Players Later

by Daggermouth

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I'll take the best part of you with me. I promise I'll lie each time we speak. What you gonna do when your world comes crashing down? And you'll rest assure that I always had my doubts. Directions from directionless people aside. Slowed down but fighting so hard to survive. I know you tried. You tried to do everything right for me this time. But I think there is something you should know. Decisions me by me I'll stand by alone. You let me down, I really thought we had a chance this time. It starts to show exactly how your actions got so old. You ought to know, it's only a matter of time before we let you go. We'll still be bros but for now we're leaving you on your own.
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The worst year of my life and I'm fighting so hard to survive. The one thing that I cared about you destroyed despite. Repeated cries of no. You pinned her down and so, she cries in my arms each night. I know she put up such a fight. You better watch your fucking back. It's not that easy yeah. It's hard to smile with no front teeth. You're cowardice we all see. I was instantly filled with regret. That night I should have gone with you. I've lost my self respect. And now I'm paralyzed with pain. I dropped to the floor and stayed. And then my weeping turned to rage. I know you're sitting back. Thinking you got away. Well it's been 7 years mother fucker! And I'll never, never forget this.
Well we finally made it home. From a four week battle out on the road. Amazing shows, overshadowed by inflated egos. I never thought I'd hear myself say that, I'm just happy to be home again. But I still know, being back will get old. But I still know, I'm raring to go. It's just so hard to adjust, Back to a normal life. Everything's been taken from me. Depending on my best friends to survive. I wouldn't change a single moment. The train wreck I call my life. I'd make all the same sacrifices. To see kids that scream the words I write. I never thought that. We'd be here. Can only hope that. You still care. So turn the stereo up and drive. We'll meet you there. It's just one more day. And all I've got to say, Is that you guys, Are all I need.
Seventeen and seeing through the bottom of a bottle. A suicidal drop out rehab advice I'll never follow. How could you do this, how could you do this to me? I'm so sorry, I'll never be the perfect son you always dreamt I'd be. So you turned your back on me, At a time when I was most in need. I'm so scared, And I guess I've learnt that life isn't always that fair. So now you want me to sign, A contract between you and I. Thought we were supposed to be family, Just give me one last try, I'll be clean this time. Two months have passed, and I came home to see what the fuck was up. You called the cops on me and said, Son this is tough love. How could you do this, how could you do this to me? I'm so sorry. I'll never be the perfect son you always dreamt I'd be. I'm walking Greenback 3 am, My smokes have the lucky one. So ironic considering, The situation that I'm in. When you kicked me, When you kicked me out. I guess that now you know what I'm so angry about.
Set back at least a year. By rumors and lies so often disguised. This is all about taking there's no trust in music you just proved this to me. My secret is due, I resent this business 'cause of assholes like you. You will always believe, the hand shake deal is all that you need. How can you be so naive there's no trust in music and that's a guarantee. I think that now we know that, every deals the same. There's no use ever fighting them. I never cared as much as I care now. And now it seems you're no where to be found. Now we're leaving you and there's nothing you can do at all. I guess we'll never find out. I hope that someday that you realize, how selfishly you live your life.
I feel like, I need to apologize, for all the pain I've caused you guys, I never even tried to make it right. It seems that all we do is fight. Maybe one day this will change, a family again. I was responsible for your breakdown and all the hospital calls it's so hard seeing someone that you love, fall apart before your eyes when you can't help them get back up. So I'm passing this along, to tell you I'm sorry, for everything I've done. Maybe some day I might be able to tell you this without having to hide it in the lyrics of a song. I held you in my arms as you cried then you looked at me and said Nick I want to die. Well these aren't the words a son's supposed to hear from his own mother, because deep down she thinks I never cared. You were always there for me I know and I believe you when you say it's hard to let go. Hard to let go of me. Watching me self destruct with such ease depression is the cause this sick disease is killing me, disease is killing me. So let's let by gones be, and no matter what happens I know you'll love me. And that's all I need. So I'm passing this along, to tell you I'm sorry, for everything I've done. Maybe some day I might be able to tell you this without having to hide it in the lyrics of a song
I'm so sick of everyone in this scene, Got to get the hell out of this city! And I know exactly where, where I need to be. The best choice that I ever made, was to up and leave. And I'll never take for granted, the new life that I lead.
I never thought we'd make it this far and I guess I take it for granted 'cause I know that you'll be there. I'm sorry, I'm so busy I hope that you'll forgive me I promise that we'll be bros, when I'm back from tour. We're breaking the ties we bound so quickly. So selfish you know me. And I wish I'd seen it in you. This awful silence continues to take away what little freedom I have left. Feed me your lines and I swear that I will never be there. When you realize just what you've done to me. Parched brown grass passes me by. Kansas ain't so exciting without you. Awful hardcore blasts the speakers. But I bet this band has never had a bad review. Now you know just what to expect from me.
The day I got away from you I knew that I'd make it. Well look who's laughing now! So you have a university degree, and you think you're better than me. You can never be in my life, but at least I fucking tried!
Sit down, I've got some bad news that you won't want to hear. Your best friend was murdered late last night by the man she wed last year. How can this be, you can't take my best friend away from me! These tears I cry. Make me hate you more each time. You deserve to die, you deserve to fucking die! In friends we trust! She's living through my memories, She'll never be forgotten by me. She was only 24, and a life cut unnecessarily short. And I wish I knew what you were going through. 'Cause then I would have protected you. In time, the pain fades away. But we'll never forget you Louise James!
Now that I know you've finally come clean. I've had enough of chasing you. Come on baby you know what i mean. And I said I've let myself fall down the lines you fed me that I believed. Girls like you are never happy. Say your sorry I'm still waiting here. Did you really think that you could get away with this. You lied to my face but now you're the disgrace. So my friends hate you and there's nothing I can do. I hope you miss me now I'm gone and thats why I wrote you this song. Say your sorry I'm still waiting here. Dudes night out. Is what it's all about.
Something has got to change because this isn't real. And I know that you can't possibly know how I feel. Time and time again you let me down now why am I your friend. This time it ends. Lets not pretend. Everything you say is bullshit and I hate you. Will you look me in the eyes when I smack you down to size. Here we go again; lets hear it for my best friend. What can I say you don't deserve that girl anyway. I should take her from you so you know how it feels to be betrayed I don't need you. But you still call me. You're so pathetic I hate your face. Now I wish that I had never even met you. A year wasted with you I feel so empty. And now you ask me if I'll be there for you next year. Today I don't care, I don't care.
So here we go I cant let you down you'll never know. That I lied to you from the start. Well here I am singing my heart out. I wish you saw what I see the things you hate inside of me. Said you're leaving now I got to say that I've let go. You're on your own.
This stomach pain is back again. Visits me like an old friend. I'll be the one curled up on the floor. And you know I can't go on feeling this way my body is a joke. And you say you're wasting your day as you sleep until noon and I know I'd rather be alone. Time will tell what I can do. Can't handle this. What I've given is all I've got to give. Excuse me doctor this doesn't work. This medication, it still hurts. Seven pills a day should keep this at bay. And you know I can't go on feeling this way my body is a joke. And I never got to say, how much I hurt today. The dull blade of pain cuts me tonight. Someone's waiting I'm stuck in this life.
Three years to the day since you sent me on my way. And I'm still ashamed for letting you hurt me this way. And I can't face that look of disgrace. Again I disagree and thats the part you hate most about me. I can't wait another year, so filled with fear. I can't face another year, theres no way. Five years to the day I feel so helpless, lead astray. You hurt me again by pretending to be my friend. Now I can see just what you mean. I've had enough of you and all the stupid fuckin' things you do. You say you can't be alone. You say you can't let go. Where you gonna be when I get home tonight? I guess you're getting a little sick of losing every fight.
Feeling this way the things that you say. I looked at your photo and I cried today. I'd kill him for you. Now that you know that I can't let go. This came between us and I can't believe this. I'd kill him for you. What did you say. What did you mean. Now that you know I can't slow down. Yeah you know I can't slow down.
I know you hate me for the things I do. That's okay because I hate you too. I'll tell my friends that you'll never be one of them. I'd rather die alone than talk to you. You called out my name. Getting a little sick of all your stupid games. So we sit here again in silence and pretend that there's something going on with me and my friend. And I wish I knew what you were thinking too I've had enough of this shit and I'm leaving you. You said you knew and I'm pretty sure you did too. That you did too.
It's raining still everyone is down except for me. Those memories. Growing up in a different country. You're still inside me. It's been a long November, a long November. So we say that we'll never change. But distance has a way of playing funny games. It's funny now. Looking back I said I'd wouldn't stay. Feel the rhythm.
A guilty kiss goodnight to you. And I'm not sorry 'cause I had to. And now that you're leaving I know. I can't let go. Come back to me when you turn 23. Maybe then you'll see what it feels like to be in love with me. Now you know where I stand. This gun is loaded and it's cocked in my left hand. Waiting for this pain to end. I know you will never see this fucking face again. So this is it for you and me. A chapter closed and now I'm free. I'm sick of faking it. Another day yeah. The things you say yeah. And I just want to be there when you drop down to your knees. So I can finally say fuck you! Now you say you're sorry. But its too late I'm not waiting.
A black cloud descends on me I'm not so scared. I've been here before standing here staring at this door. Sweaty palms and sweaty lungs. I'm dying tonight I can't breathe I can't fight. I'm worse for wear. Can't face the world will wait for me. Please help me I can't do this alone. I'm sick of being on my own. Broken arms and broken wings set me free. I'm dying to meet you. Yes dying to meet you somehow. Come on let's go you can't always stay home. Been waiting by my phone. I'll be there tonight. Yeah I'll be there tonight.
Why you gotta say the things that you don't mean in any case. I know you lied I'm sick and I'm tired of having to look at your sorry face. I feel your lips but I hate the taste. Never gonna get it back. Never gonna get it back again oh yeah! You say hey Nick I think this has got to end. Well yeah, after all you slept with my best friend. Now I wish I had cut you off before you whore. Those tears I see there's no need to pretend. Can't you see the things you've done to me.
Let me make this clear. I don't need another favor from you. You're causing problems. You're always causing problems for me. I don't think you quite understand. The bottle's half empty. I will die by your hand. No need to fight 'cause I'm not the one holding the knife. No need to fight 'cause I don't need you in my fucking life. The bullets in the gun and yes I'm trying to erase all the memories of you but I'm dying. Pull yourself together. Get you fucking life together. You don't need me like I don't need you. Your dependence it gets my back up. I'm not your problem.
As I stand here before your grave I know my life has changed. What else can I say, you were like a father to me. And I know I surely can't let go of this dream. Nothing will come between you and me. I promised you the day I left town I won't let you down. I'm still fighting. I'll see you when I'm on tour. I'll lay an album on the ground and you'll know why I moved away that summer. I know you did not die in vein. I will pursue this dream again.


Canadian Melodic Hardcore 5-piece Daggermouth's complete discography "10 Bass Players Later" out this Fall. For fans of Set Your Goals, Comeback Kid, Lifetime, Four Year Strong


released October 13, 2017

Daggermouth is:
Kenny Lush
Stuart McKillop
Dana WR Edwards
Dan Don

Track 1-11: from Turf Wars (2007)
Produced, engineered, mixed by Stuart McKillop at The Hive Studios
Assistant engineer, Jesse Karr
Mastered by Tom Hutten at Bionic Mastering in New York (www.biomocmastering.com)
Too Late, No Friends co-written by Lakota Bill

Track 12-26: from Stallone (2006)
All music by Daggermouth
Additional vocals on Wrestlemania 5 by Matt Smith
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Stuart McKillop
Recorded at The Hive Studios– Vancouver, Canada, August 2005

Artwork and Layout by YOYO-T (Bowl Head inc.)


all rights reserved




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